Amy does incorporate the use of hands within a massage session, but her massage style of choice is one which she uses her feet; Sarga Bodywork.


SARGA BODYWORK is as effective as it is elegant. This distinctive style of myofascial massage marries method and design. Sarga Bodywork is a mobile massage practice that utilizes proprietary equipment to enhance a skilled bodyworkers’ ablility to gain tensional support and force with a (Sarga) fabric fastened to a massage table. By pulling up on the Sarga while applying downward pressure, practitioners adeptly use tensegrity (when "push" and "pull" have a synergistic relationship). 

SARGA BODYWORK encourages myofascial technique. While other massages lean more into just relaxation with use of effleurage and less specific strokes, Sarga is technical and therapeutic. Relaxation and relief are still achieved with Sarga Bodywork because these deep tissue techniques are slow and shearing to the muscles and fascia.

We define myofascial technique here as manual therapy characterized by:

  • Sustained, oblique, high friction contact because little oil is used. Myo.Rub is the product of choice.

  • With the aim of stimulating a stretch response in the fascia to facilitate length, hydration, and mobility in recipient's connective tissue.

We celebrate the broad, densely innervated surfaces of our feet as perhaps the most effective and intelligent tools for this purpose!