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As of 9/23/2019 all appointments will be held at The Mānoa House, located at 2845 Lowrey Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96822.


Amy Hastanan, L.Ac, LMT, is a dually licensed Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist in the state of Hawai'i, with over 14 years of experience in the field of complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM). She has held licensure and practice in New York and Oregon, but Hawai’i is now home.

Amy began her study of massage in Thailand (2005) with Traditional Thai Bodywork. Traveling to Asia in her early twenties, Amy cultivated a deep appreciation for the eastern healing arts. In order to become an LMT, Licensed Massage Therapist, Amy pursued a degree from the Swedish Institute, New York (2008), the oldest continuously operating massage therapy institution in the United States. With well over 1000 hours of training, Amy is well versed in anatomy, physiology, neurology, kinesiology, pathology, hygiene, first aid, CPR, OSHA and infection control procedures. She has spent a majority of her career working alongside chiropractors and physical therapists, which has guided her focus towards treatment of acute and chronic pain, post-surgery and injury. Amy's specialty is rehabilitation with a full body approach.

Amy has over 4 years experience as licensed acupuncturist, trained in TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine. She began at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM), NYC (2010). Stress of city life, full time studies with full time work eventually lead Amy to complete her Master's Degree at the Institute for Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ICAOM), Honolulu, Hawai'i (2015). Amy continues to enhance her knowledge in Orthopedic-style Acupuncture, also known as Motor Point Acupuncture, specializing in pain management. Amy’s goal for her clients’ is to reduce discomfort, create balance and improve function, so that the body’s limitations may not be a hindrance to everyday life and activities. Amy excels at understanding and treating compensation patterns, postural malalignments, and overuse syndromes.

In 2016, Amy brought barefoot bodywork into her practice. Amy is certified in both Sarga Bodywork® and Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® (AOBT). Sarga Bodywork is a barefoot practice, born in Hawaii and Amy’s barefoot massage style of choice - as all her massage sessions incorporate the use of feet. Sarga Bodywork is myofascial in its approach, allowing the practitioner to utilizes a silk fabric, secured to the table, to apply gravitational and tensional force with consistent oblique pressure via the broad surface of the foot. Amy is a Certified Sarga Bodywork Instructor, helping other LMT's in their advanced barefoot training.

Amy blends the anatomical knowledge gained from her medical massage experiences with her understanding of the meridian system to create individualized treatments; a mix of East and West. Sessions can be either acupuncture, massage, or a combination of both. Amy is a huge proponent of Fire Cupping and usually blends that into most sessions or as a stand alone treatment.

LMT #12819 LAC #1207


Amy Hastanan teaches massage on the mainland and is a NCBTMB Certified Instructor and Practitioner of Sarga Bodywork .

Sarga Bodywork offers continuing education courses (CEU's) to Licensed Massage Therapists looking to advance their skillset. Sarga Bodywork is proud to be an NCBMTB certified continuing education course. CEU's are necessary for most licensed massage therapists to continue their practice within the United States.

NCBTMB Board Certification is the highest voluntary credential attainable in the massage therapy and bodywork profession with a distinct level of achievement beyond entry-level licensure.

2019 Sarga Table I Course Schedule with Amy:

October 21-24: Portland, Oregon

2019 Sarga Table II Course Schedule with Amy:

October 29-30: Portland, Oregon

*For full course calendar and how to apply, please visit